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How to upload template?

The custom templates (such as invoice, Purchase Order, Statement forms, etc.), reports, import map, and attachment are store in the Custom Plugins folder. You have to activate the Custom Plugins folder by clicking the 'Make a Custom Plugins folder' button from the Housekeeping navigator after you have created the company file. Once activated, the system adds the MoneyWorks Custom Plug-ins folder with subfolders for Forms, Import Maps, Picture for Company, Reports, and Scripts into the local drive automatically.

These custom forms, reports, etc. are on your local computer drive and have to upload to the Datacentre server or MoneyWorks Now (cloud) server to share with users. How to upload? After you have saved the forms or reports, select Signing from the File menu to launch the Signing wizard. Signing is to grant access. Select the template and the users, and click the Signing button to grant access. Then, proceed to upload the template.

You have to sign and upload each time you make changes to the template, and it will synchronise and replace the local copy on the user's computer. For those who like to find out more on how to access MoneyWorks from home can refer to our previous post 'How to access your MoneyWorks company file when working from home?'

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