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Import customer and supplier list

The name table is part of the accounting software, stores the customer and supplier, which then used in generating orders and invoices.

From the Show menu of the MoneyWorks accounting system, scroll down to Names. Then, click the New button on the icon bar of the Names Window to add a new contact, either customer or a supplier.

MoneyWorks uses 0 to 2 in the CustomerType and SupplierType field to differentiate a customer from a supplier. For example, a '0' in the CustomerType for non-customer, a '1' is for a cash-only customer, and a '2' is a debtor. A receivable account tagged to the name when the CustomerType is '2'. Of course, a name can also be both a customer and a supplier.

Importing save tons of work. You can import contacts into MoneyWorks instead of entering it one at a time when crossing over from another accounting software. When preparing an import file, you have to ensure each contact has a unique name code, the customer or supplier type ranging from 0 to 2, and a receivable or payable account if it's a debtor or creditor.

Once the import file has prepared, you can use the import feature from the File menu or do a copy and paste from the spreadsheet to the MoneyWorks Name list. Either method will bring up the import wizard which allows you to map the source field (on the left of the window) to the MoneyWorks field on the right side of the import wizard. Note: you can set the receivable or payable account to 'work

it out' if you did not preset it in the import file.

Click the okay button on the import wizard to start importing the names. Randomly check the imported result from the name list and amend if required (Example: the company or address may get truncated if it has exceeded the field length limit).

That's it. Thousands of contacts get into MoneyWorks within seconds.

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