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Learn computerised accounting

Of course, you can!

I guess the School may have adopted some accounting software to teach computerised accounting. However, for students who like to try out MoneyWorks Cashbook can go ahead and sign up a copy (Free Subscription).

Cashbook should be enough if the paper is mainly on journals. However, you can download a trial version for MoneyWorks Express to try out invoicing (Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable) or even a MoneyWorks Gold to test drive multiple currencies and inventory modules such as assembly or multi-warehouses.

More information on scripting, API, integration, automation, form design, and report writing is available at the developer site and the user guide.

Trial version is free. There is no time limit on the software but on the data file which you created is up to 45-days (or 99 opens, whichever comes first). You can create another data file (company file) and have a fresh 45-days after the existing data file has expired.

You can pull up the PDF user guide from the Help menu after you have installed MoneyWorks. To kick start,

  1. To create a new data file (company file). Go to the File menu > New > New MoneyWorks Document.

  2. To add or edit accounts list (Chart of accounts). Go to Show menu > Accounts (click New to add an account).

  3. To add a transaction (such as invoice or journal). Go to the Show menu > Transactions (then, click the New button to add)

  4. To post the recorded transactions (record into the ledger). Go to the Show menu > Unposted section at the left panel > go to the Edit menu, select the Select All feature, and click the Post button to post the highlighted transactions.

  5. Ledger report. Go to Reports menu > Audit > Ledger report.

Okay, this should be enough for you to digest. Have fun :)

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