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Pick List

A Pick List is a document for the store person at the warehouse to gather the products and get ready for delivery.

The Pick List looks more like an invoice (or a delivery order) if you adopt Pick-to-Order method. The store person carries the Pick List going around the warehouse picking up the items shown on the list. This method is commonly used by project business when there is a lot of products require to fulfil in one order, or like those pickers at the supermarket pushing the shopping cart around picking up items fulfilling the online sales order.

Another method is batch picking, a summary showing the total quantity needed for each item. This method allows the store person to pick up the required stock quantity for each item without going round and round the warehouse. Then, gather the items at the holding area and sort it out according to invoice, vehicle, or delivery person.

Most of the store person prefer method two than one, I think. Pick-to-order method requires more muscle, your legs may feel like two pieces of rubber extended from your torso after hours and hours of walking in the warehouse. Guess this is not a very favourable slimming program for some :)

So, how to create a batch Pick List?

You can consider using the built-in report writer to build a report for Pick List if you are enthusiastic in coding or like to have more information printed; if not, an analysis report is good to go.

I amended the User 2 field label in the transaction screen to Deliver By, which allow me to enter vehicle number such as Van1 or Van2, etc. in my illustration.

From the File menu, select New Analysis from the New sub-menu to launch the analysis wizard. I use analysis by Transactions since my information is from the sales transaction.

I breakdown the report into two levels, subtotal by the User2 (Vehicle number) and follow by Product Code. Remove all the unwanted columns and keep only the quantity field. You can arrange your analysis as a report or list format (for my case, I leave it as report format). Lastly, don't forget to save, sign and upload the report to the respective user. That's it.

Highlight the invoices you need, then select the Pick List report to print. Send the Pick List together with the invoices or delivery order to the warehouse for them to gather the items and arrange for delivery.

Small businesses may not have the luxury for a warehouse automation system, depending on the business requirement, but a batch picking list does help in productivity.

Sign up a demo if you like to know more about MoneyWorks accounting system.

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