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MoneyWorks Datacentre 7.3.5 update is now available

Click here to view the change history.

Tip: Speeding up Statement Preparation

With Datacentre 7.3 Cognito implemented the ability to prepare statements on the server, which significantly reduces the time it takes to print statements on networks with a high latency. The standard statements provided by Cognito will automatically run on the server if required, but if you have customised your own statement form, you will need to tweak it to take advantage of this.

  • Open the statement form in the MoneyWorks Forms Designer

  • The easiest way to do this is to start to print the statement, and, in the Use Form window, click the Layout button, then the Edit this Form in the Forms Designer button.

  • Click the Form Options button in the toolbar

  • The Form Options window will open

  • Turn on the Run on Server if Possible checkbox and click OK

  • Click the Signing toolbar button

  • If necessary, sign your form to the allowed users

  • Click the Upload tab and the Upload One button to upload the form to the Datacentre

The form will be automatically downloaded to users the next time they connect to the Datacentre.

Note: If your form contains non-standard fonts, these must be installed on the server.

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